A few weeks ago we invited you to join us during Expo Entrepreneurs, a Montreal based conference aiming to bring together the entrepreneurship ecosystem from all over Quebec. A lot of you showed up to share some insights, have a discussion over coffee, or just pass by to say hello. Today, I would like to reflect on the experience and share five insights that BRIDGR got out of Expo Entrepreneurs!

1- Our Expo Entrepreneurs Experience

When we decided to accept working with the team of Expo Entrepreneurs we really didn’t know what to expect; At the end, the event was a real success! The amazing Expo Entrepreneurs team was able to gather more than 6,000 members of the entrepreneurial community from Quebec’s 17 administrative regions!

BRIDGR was also a partner for the event, in charge of the “Innovative Manufacturing” zone. Our ambition was to show new practices and innovative technologies in the manufacturing sector. For this, we invited 5 Québec technology partners to present their solution to the Expo Entrepreneurs attendees. During the two days of the exhibitions, we also organized 8 labs, in partnership with several major players in the industrial ecosystem – the MESI, ADRIQ, and Quebec companies such as Polycor, Kinova Robotics, and APN.

It was a real enriching and inspirational experience, and we’re looking forward to the 2019 edition.

2- Innovative Manufacturing, Industry 4.0…what does it really mean?

One of the things that really surprised us is the number of individuals in the manufacturing world who either did not know the meaning of Industry 4.0 or had a skeptical view on what it really meant. Since buzzwords like advanced manufacturing, IoT, Artificial intelligence, etc are used in so many different contexts across many industries, people can tend to feel a little lost or confused about what it means to their organization.

In the manufacturing word, Industry 4.0 usually means the implementation of Smart Factories or Advanced manufacturing in which technological systems monitor and participate in the activities of the factory and are able to take specific decisions or adapt to a different set of situations.

You can find more information on Industry 4.0, along with a few examples of its applications here.

3- Tech Providers, our best partners!

We invited a few of our partners and tech providers to join us in the Innovative Manufacturing Zone during Expo Entrepreneurs and the experience was clearly a success!

First, we confirmed that our qualified tech providers were all rock stars in their domain and they are here to have strong value-added solutions to manufacturing companies. Second, by spending time together we’ve been able to launch different discussions that might lead to some interesting collaborations (more to come in the next few weeks/months).

We already know that some magic happened between a few of them 😉

4- Having all the team talking to you was inspirational

With growing operations, it’s difficult to keep in touch on a daily basis with all of you who are in the field. As entrepreneurs, we tend to follow our daily routine without really taking the time to see what’s going on out there!

Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Experts, Tech providers, but also different actors in the industrial as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem challenged us individually and as a team about different subjects related to manufacturing, our vision as well as our mission which led to each one of us challenging the rest of the team. The whole process was pretty inspirational and is leading to some pretty cool new projects! Thank you all for the boosting our creativity!

You can find out more about our team here.

5- Much more great things ahead!

The most interesting outcome of the event is that we realized how much Montreal, Quebec and even other parts of Canada is looking forward to implementing digital innovations in manufacturing, while continuously improving the ease of doing business for all players within the industry.

The Government of Quebec is piloting an Industry 4.0 diagnosis tool. The Canadian Federal Government has also identified Advanced Manufacturing as one of its superclusters. A lot of entrepreneurs are thinking of developing their products locally and a lot of ideas and innovations are blooming all around the country! You can’t imagine how excited the team is about all of this!


All in all, Expo Entrepreneurs was very good for us. Thanks to all of you that came and participated! Stay tuned for some pretty cool stuff coming ahead!