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Get access to more than 90 areas of expertise in digital transformation.

Top 30% experts and suppliers

  • On average 10 years experience
  • A sharp business knowledge
  • A community aware of tomorrow's challenges
  • A worldwide partners' network

A robust and approved qualification process

Don't waste any more time evaluating and qualifying your potential suppliers.

Our Qualification Process

  • Personality assessment (soft skills)
  • In-depth skills assessment
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Reference checks

Profiles that correspond to your business reality

Each reality is different, don't be frustrated anymore by service offers that don't match your needs.

Quickly choose your supplier

Receive technical and financial proposals in record time to formalize your projects step by step. Then evaluate your suppliers and their deliverables as your project progresses.

What makes our community of experts and suppliers different?

Our community is built on strong values of innovation and excellence to optimally meet the needs of business leaders and management teams; enabling companies to integrate relevant resources into their business processes for increased results.


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Frequently Asked

The suppliers at BRIDGR are: consultants, consulting firms, technology companies (SMEs, startups, large companies).
Our suppliers are all qualified by our teams before joining our marketplace. They are among the top 30% of the best experts and suppliers specialized in digital transformation.

We provide approved and qualified expertise and technology, with a matching tool adapted to cover the typical challenges of digital transformation.

Today, BRIDGR is able to evaluate all vendors and qualify their ability to meet the challenges of digital transformation. We build this process with a human resources expert and the industrial research center in Quebec. Suppliers are invited to fill out a form and make an appointment with a member of our team for an interview. After the interview, we take the time to evaluate the supplier’s skills in order to verify if they meet the requirements that appear on our qualification system. If the supplier is qualified, they join our marketplace so that companies can benefit from their products and/or services.

BRIDGR provides payment tools directly on the platform, if you want more information, contact us!
Never again alone to evaluate, plan, and carry out your digital transformation.

Your data is and always will be yours. We take great care to ensure that it is safe and secure using our powerful security management processes. Since BRIDGR is based in Canada, our server is also based in Canada. We invite you to read our terms and conditions.

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